Maya Young Women's Refuge

Maya Young Women's Refuge

Maya is a specialised medium term youth refuge providing accommodation and support to six young women who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

Maya provides a relaxed and caring environment which places emphasis on developing the personal and living skills needed to sustain independent living. Residents work together in sharing household responsibilities, organising meals, grocery shopping and planning activities such as a roster of chores and weekend outings.

Where appropriate, residents under the age of 16 will be encouraged to reconcile with their families. If other residents also wish to repair family breakdown, they will be supported to do so. Where reconciliation is not appropriate, staff will assist residents to find independent housing and provide the necessary supports to ensure their tenancy can be sustained.

Entry Process
Young women seeking accommodation are interviewed by a staff member who will explain how the program works. Maya residents are required to:
• Pay a weekly board
• Accept support from staff to move towards family reconciliation or independent housing
• Participate in weekly ‘house meetings’
• Assist with household chores including cooking and cleaning
• Abide by a curfew
• Refrain from taking alcohol and drugs
• Participate in schooling, full-time training or employment

If Maya has no vacancies, or the applicant is unsuitable because of other reasons (e.g. behavioural issues, unmanageable mental illness, drug/alcohol affected), staff will make every effort to find an alternative housing option.

Maya is funded by Community Services as a Specialist Homelessness Service and is supported by numerous community groups and organisations.

Enquiries: (02) 4323 1636

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Jennifer's Story

Maya Young Women's Refuge

Jennifer came to Maya as she was no longer able to live at home due to her anger issues and violence towards her family. Since being at Maya, Jennifer has been attending regular counselling appointments to help her address these issues and mend relationships with her family.

Although Jennifer is still unsure what career path she wants to take, she is eager to work towards her dream job of working with animals. In the meantime she has a part time job which is helping to build her skills and savings while she decides which path to take in the future.

While at Maya, Jennifer has worked hard at developing her living skills. She has really embraced cooking and both residents and staff have enjoyed some beautiful meals prepared by her. Jennifer has improved her prospects for the future and has now moved into her own unit with Pacific Link. Staff regularly visit Jennifer to ensure she has appropriate support and have noticed how much she has matured and proved to herself that she is able to live independently.

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